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protestors have stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen ripping down the sign and burned the american flag there. yemen is home to al qaeda's most active branch. right now we don't know if there are any injuries or if american personnel have already been evacuated. >>> this while violent clashes continued overnight in egypt. we are looking at the streets of cairo. right no protestors are still filling those streets. there was a second protest there in cairo. you are looking also at brand new video from outside of the u.s. embassy in cairo. police have been using tear gas to disperse thousands of protestors who are in the street. >> american troe dozier's anti p muslim movie made here in the u.s. they are also looking at the possibility this is linked to the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi. four americans killed including the u.s. ambassador in libya. (chanting) >> meantime riots breaking out in tunisia where dozens of pro tests burning the american flag you suicide of the u.s. embassy. >> let's get the latest from our own gregg palkot who joins us live from london. a lot going on. wha
violent overnight. thousands of demonstrators throwing rocks at a u.s. military base and shouting death to america. the spike in violence coming as hezbollah calls for more protests in the mid eels. gregg palkot joins us more with more on the situation there. good morning, greg. >> ainsley, heather, we had a transmission difficulty the last couple of minutes. they continue to spread out in tunisia as well because of the muslim film. the latest reports we are seeing is that they are beginning to die down. they happened near one of the main u.s. bases near that city. a lot of rock flowing a lot of cars being burned. this comes after violent froess in pakistan in the business capital of karachi. protestors breached a security barrier went right up to the main walls. the word we are getting from the consulate there is all u.s. people were safe there was casualties among protestors. new call from protests coming from hezbollah leader ordering his folks out on the streets today in beirut. he said he waited for the pope to leave. the pope was in over the weekend. the u.s. is working only on em
protestors descended on the u.s. embassy in cairo tearing down the american flag there trying to burn it instead ripping it apart. a muslim flag similar to the banner used by al qaeda saying quote there is no god but god and mohammed is his prophet. they are vowing to try to restore order. they released a statement saying the embassy of the u.s. in cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. the white house disavowed the statement saying it was unauthorized. the filmmaker is now in hiding. he says he is sorry about the american's death but continues to defend his film. >> thank you very much, ainsley. >>> it is time now for your 5@5:00. more than 350,000 students in chicago will go another day without being inside the classroom. teachers there continuing to strike. as the strike enters another day they cannot agree on new evaluations or recall rights for laid off teachers. union president karen lewis made her first appearance rallying with thousands of teaches and
. the u.s. is suspending controls with afghan police after a spike in insider attacks and connor powell is live for us from afghanistan with the latest. >> just a few hours ago a mini bus killed at least 9 foreigners and several south africans and wounded many more including afghans sitting there waiting to go to work taking the bus to start their day. an off chute of the taliban has claimed responsibility. most shockingly they say the suicide bomber was a 22-year-old girl. that is a rare thing in afghanistan. i can only remember wheone or t cases when it was a young women. they say it was a response to the anti islamic film that is causing chaos around the world. nato announced insider attacks where they turn their guns on their partners. this does undermine the strategy where the u.s. is meant to be training and mentoring afghan security forces. already this year 51 u.s. and international troops have been killed by afghan security partners. u.s. commanders are fond of saying it was a shoulder to shoulder operation fighting the taliban together. it is more of an arms link operation. th
plenty before the tax cut and reforming the u.s. postal service. michael grim wants to honor mayor giuliani. he wants a ferry to be named after giuliani. grimm said it would be a fitting reminder of gill gayles actions duri -- giuliani's actions during 9-11. that is your 5@5:00. >>> as we launch the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks president obama and romney are pulling putting tol picks aside and pulling negative ads today. >> good morning to you. today is the day free of political rank core and one focused on american unit. neither candidate are appearing at overtly political events. on their mind right now honoring the victims and those who served during 9-11. at 8:48 this morning the president and first lady will observe a moment of silence to mark the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attack. the president plans to speak to americans about giving honor to members of the military and first responders. gop political candidate governor mitt romney issued a statement in observance of 9-11 stating america shalrie main ever vigilant against those who will do us harm. we extend our gr
here at home. the federal reserve is making a large and controversial move in the u.s. economy. we are live in washington. >> the feds do something to try to spur economic growth and bring the unemployment rate down. this went further than a lot of people expected. the market liked what happened yesterday. the dow shot up over 200 points juiced over this big announcement. the fed will continue printing more money by bobbling up 40 billion month in mortgage bonds with no end in sight. the idea is to drive mortgage rates even lower that could lead to spending and help unemployment as the president makes his economic pitch. >> we saved the american auto industry on the brink of going under. manufacturing is start to go come back in the united states. but so much more work to do. there are still folks out there hurting. >> a lot of people needs jobs. it's impossible to ignore the implications for the presidential race. mitt romney says the fed's actions proves the white house economic policies has been a failure. >> what bernanke is going what the president is saying is wrong. the pres
-american demonstrations continue to spread this morning. in pakistan a new attack on the u.s. consulate. protestors breaking through a barricade and throwing bricks. this follows attacks on u.s. consulates and other cities in pakistan in recent days. >>> in beijing the car of the u.s. ambassador to china was damaged. he was in the car at the time but he was not injured. >> 350,000 chicago students are waking up this morning heading back to school. chicago teachers among the heist paid in the country finally satisfied with district concessions on evaluations and job security. the union didn't vote on the contract deal they just agreed to end the strike. >>> a long-awaited report on the fast and furious gun running operation is due out today. an inspector general has been reviewing nonpublic files for 19 months on that operation. you may remember two guns listed in the operation were found at the scene where a border agent was shot and killed. >> police in arizona can face one of the key parts of the immigration law after more than a few years on hold a judge ruled in favor of the show your paper pro
september 21st. the top five stories making news at this hour. nearly 3 years after it began the surge of u.s. troops in afghanistan is now ore. the additional 33,000 members of our military now out of the country. the surge did accomplish it's objectives of reversing the taliban and increased the afghan national security forces. they have 68,000 american forces in that war zone. it is a transition that is threatened by the spike of insider attacks killing troops and nato forces. >>> the botched fast and furious investigation far from over. there are 1300 guns still unaccounted for in mexico and the u.s. many ak-47 assault rifles. two weapons linked to the flawed program were found in the shooting of a border patrol agent. >> the -- night ditching his joker costume. he seemed to pay attention and even smiled as prosecutors temporarily dropped their fight to get access to the notebook that holmes spent his si psychiatri psychiatrist. if he uses mental health as a defense they will have to let prosecutors see that and other files. the notebook contains violent prescriptions of that attack. >> t
percent $1.7 trillion. that's an 8th of the size of the entire u.s. economy. it works out to be a cool 4.2 billion each. bill gates as $66 billion. warren buffet tops out the round three. mark zucker burg he was the biggest loser. his wealth cut in half over the last year. >> i think the loews total is 1.1 billion. >> cry me a river on that one. >> something i have never eat teen, five guys burger. the best burger. >> the best beef in all of the burger joints in the country. market force survey says five guys is indeed the best burger. they don't do any advertising. we know the president loves it. word of nomouth is their way. popular on the west coast followed by if you had rucker, a and w, smash burger. >> i remember about fuddruckers. >> maybe have a burger for lunch. >>> time now is 11 minutes after the hour. they are left hanging for hours on this ride. ainsley earhardt is here to tell us how it played out. if you plan to take an american airlines flight you may want the backup plan. that is because your flight could be one of hundreds canceled. a quick look at the morning's prices
. >> u.s. treasury selling 18 billion in public shares. it will make them a minority shareholder for the first time in four years. treasury state gets reduced to 20 percent. >> so students having trouble paying back their student loans. 1 in 6 falling behind. >> 76 billion defaulted last year for perspective. that is greater than the annual tuition for all students at all public universities. you can be sure uncle sam wants his money back. if you find yourself falling behind on your payment you have to be careful the consequences here. the government can seize your tax refund social security payment. overall the government's track record is 80 percent of the dollar to get their fault. >> i like the idea of the next story. if you get married the gift that keeps on giving. >> searching for a wedding gift doesn't have to be that kon bad. it allows a wedding to put money in their own account. the stock line and a bond fast. hopefully that investment writes longer than the album. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. patti ann? >>> thanks, heather. it is time for your
september 26th. thank you for watching "fox friends first. top five stories at this hour. as iran and u.s. trade diplomats jabs at the end the military shows force in the persian gulf. the u.s. flooded the area with more than 20 ships to practice a mission to keep the waterways free from mines. iran reported test firing four missiles during a drill in the strait of ver mouth. they tried to close the straight as many as 5,000 mines in case of an israeli attack. >> obama and romney are zeroing in on ohio. their paths will cross as they rally support. the president at bowling green state university and kent state university. meanwhile romney continues his bus tour through three cities. he will attend three rallies and and hold a manufacturing roundtable. obama is ahead by 7 percent in the polls. >>> two tornadoes ripping through towns in illinois. this one touched down near opaville. through this semi on to its side. two people taken to the hospital. a couple barns were completely demolished. >> it was just raining it started pouring down rain and then it started hailing. then everybody, it
steel, neuron are you it and airline parts. by choice or by force, the u.s. military judge ruling that suspect in the ft. hood massacre must be clean shaven before his murder trial. the defense claims that his beard is because of his muslim faith but the judge said that there is no evidence that is, in fact, true. his lawyers say they will appeal, meaning another delay in the case. >> and a cardinal closing out the democratic national convention last night with a special blessing for life. that is a reminder of how the democrats and the catholic church disagree on the key issue of abortion and contraception. >> we praise you for the get of life, grant us the courage to defend it, life without which no other rights are secure. we ask your benediction on those waiting to be born, that they may be welcomed and protected. >>heather: he delivered a similar benediction last week at the republican national convention. the catholic church strongly opposes president obama's health care provision that would require institutions to provide employees with contraception. that is "five at five.
the u.s. and egypt since anti-american protestors stormed our embassy in cairo. secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with egyptian president mohammed morrissey. he assured him protecting the embassy was egypt awes duty. he was criticized for slow response. >> most notorious extremist could be here within a week to face terrorism charges. they ruled radical muslim cleric and four other suspected terrorists can be extradited. al masri tried to set up a training camp. they tried to get him extradited for years but it has been delayed because it was appealed. >>> amtrak tried to get the rail project you are paying for. starting tonight and ending next week the railroad plans to stem them between maryland and massachusetts reaching record speeds of 165 miles per hour p. back in july you may remember they announced the multi billion dollar improvement plan despite being $1.34 billions in the red. >>> country super star toby keith giving someone a surprise of her life time during his concert. >> keith plucked her out of the krod in tribute to her husband employed in afghanistan. her
a nuclear weapon. u.s. diplomacy can work. >> told the general assembly america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy. we believe there is time and space to do so but that time is not unlimited. that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> president obama has been criticized for not meeting with netanyahu face to face. the white house will most likely call the prime minister today. >>>al did he doily workplace shooting in minnesota. a sign employee opening fire killing four people before turning the gun had beon himsel. neighbors heard the shots and ran out of their homes. >> i came out a neighbor lady was across from us she said did you hear something yeah, sounded like gun fire to me. sounded like gun fire. >> three are in critical condition right now. >> replacement nfl refs you thought they were in their they have a loaded hand gun in a woman's carryon bag. they noted the flight in new jersey realizing in full air the woman carried the weapon told authorities as soon as they landed. tsa's have no reason they missed the gun
. >> yes, 5:00, do you know where your umbrella is? in the midatlantic and transmittal u.s.. you can see the. there is a frontal boundary draped back through the ohio valley. and north of that cooler and dryer air and south of that humid area. 45 in minneapolis and 51 in denver and 51 in provo. and you can see thal zone in the midatlantic and ohio valley and central plains. we could see severe weather in texas and oklahoma up toward colorado. severe weather threat and damaging winds and isolated tornados and not looking for a severe weather outbreak. your travel forecast looking pretty good. we'll watch out for showers and showers and thunderstorms. back to you. >> tranquil. good word this morning. bill orilele would be proud. >> and now stories you can bank on. when it comes to income growth. dennis joins us. what is it all about. >> personal income in republican red states up more than in the democratic blue states in the past five years. income in 23 red states up 4.6 percent since the recession began that compares with 0.5 percent. and dozen swings states and come up with that in the
in drew peert s peterson's murder trial. the case nearly ended in a mistrial three different times. they will argue circumstantial evidence points to peterson in the drowning death of kathleen sabio back in 2004. they say her death was a tragic accident. the jury could start deliberating sometime this afternoon. >>> they are tracking down the stolen you haul in detroit. the rented truck full of metal detectors was taken from a hotel as they prepared for joe biden's labor day events. the truck was found in an apartment complex but some equipment was still missing. a few cases marked secret service were discovered at an abandoned house in another neighborhood. they are releasing these photos of a person of interest. they we >> hollywood is mourning the loss of actor michael clarke duncan. he was best known for his performance in the 99 fill will "the green mile." he was also in armageddon and blan et of t planet of the apes. he was being treated for suffering a massive heart attack in july. he was 54 years old. that was your 5@5:00. now it is time for your first degree weather update
to the u.s. accused republicans of being dangerous to israel for criticizing president obama's record. michael ore is firing back saying i categorically deny that i ever characterized republican policies as harmful to israel. bipartisan support is a paramount national interest for israel and we have great friends on both sides of the aisle. they are claiming she never said it. >> let's shift to this to the state of illinois where drew peterson answer murder trial goes to the jury. the prosecution urging jurors to use common sense saying it was clear that peterson killed his third wife kathleen savio so she wouldn't get his money or the kids in the divorce. the defense says the state's case failed to prove that peterson committed the murder. he faces 60 years behind bars if he is convicted. >>> chris christie making an appearan appearance. >> he said to me, you are going to be good tonight,ing right? i said, yeah. i am going to be really good. all right. i am going to stay then. he started to stay for the speech. as if there wasn't enough pressure in front of 20 million mitt romney is
questions about what the obama administration knew or didn't know about the attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi, libya. that led to the death of ambassador chris stevens to help libya. what the obama administration did or didn't know about the attacks. one day after the attack she told fox news it was an attack that wasn't previously plan but got out of control. then they said it was a pre-meditated attack. obama and senior advisor press secretary gibbs says why they are changing their story. >> no one intentionally or unintentionally misled people. that was an answer the press secretary gave on september the 14th it is now september the 23rd. we learn more information every day about what happened. no one wants to get to the bottom of this more than we do. >> the subject of debate between what is going on with the administration and the intel sgens. the chairman says the u.s. was caught flatfooted in this. they stormed in and killed an ambassador and three other americans. >> this is as serious an event i have ever seen. it has been confusing to try to follow where the administrati
's numbers are factored in. >>> it is the second to the final week of the u.s. open and it kicks off today. the fox business network partnered up with the tennis channel to bring you around the clock coverage. jim courier was one of the personalities you can watch on that channel. he took time from his busy schedule to talk with our own heather childers who snuck in a free tennis lesson with the number one player in the world. >> what a nice facility you have on the plaza. >> it is a beautiful day in new york. you did some analysis last year but this year you extended your role. what can fans expect? >> i am going to be involved with tennis channel from first ball to last ball. it comes on at 10:30 in the morning every day and we roll through to 7:00 p.m. and replay everything overnight. you are not going to miss any of the action if you are watching tennis channel. the tournament is just underway. it will be a great u.s. open. there are lots of story lines i will be following. >> who do you think will be in the men's final four? >> we are missing rafael nadal. there's a big forward there'
in 2010. the report says that the u.s.' biggest weakness is the macro economic environment, the combination of the budget deficit, inflation, savings, debt, and credit rating and of 144 countries included in the list we ranked 76th in government spending and the burden of government regulation. britain, hong kong and japan round out the top ten, and the forum is urging governments to act decisively to adopt long-term measures for competitiveness and sustainable growth path. >>heather: thank you. just about ten minutes before the hour and the not so friendly skies, no surprise here, for an airline customer, the c.e.o. of a budget is forgetting that the customer is always right. >>heather: your last chance for question of the day: what do you think of democrats'ment form? we will read your e-mails and your tweets. peter, i am jealous you are in charlotte. >> we have had a great time. coming up, ladies, live from charlotte, and the nascar hall of fame, we will talk about bill clinton who gave the big nominating speech. and the democrats took god and jerusalem out of platform a
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)